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We gazed on the horizon when the jellyfish-raft arrived.


The arrival of the jellyfish-raft meant that it was odd to go to swim,

and isn’t that exciting, when you’re a child. Cousin fetched a bucket and I cut a stick from a pine branch.


It was time to make some jellyfish soup!

Jellyfishes don’t escape by swimming, but instead they just float looking unconscious and helpless. One by one we hand-picked jellyfishes and put them into the bucket. Some of them slipped away but couldn’t get far.


I stirred the soup with the stick.

A jellyfish feels a bit like a chicken filet in hand, but slimier. If you've ever eaten shrimps in the Mediterranean style, I’d say that jellyfish feels similar in the hand as a raw shrimp feels in the mouth.

Today I read, can’t remember how it came across, but I read about a Polish company that rents jellyfish aquariums. It's possible, for example, to rent jellyfish aquariums to nightclubs and put flashing neon lights in the background. The lights flash in the rhythm of the music and then people just dance, sway, make out, and do what people usually do in nightclubs, framed by floating jellyfishes.

Kind of a grown-up-play.

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